The longtime radical animal liberation activist Rod Coronado has been sent back to prison for four months after a US district judge in Michigan ruled he had violated the terms of his parole. Coronado’s offense was associating with fellow radical activist Mike Roselle by accepting a friend request from Roselle on the social networking website Facebook.
Anonymous scottc said...
yet another reason to stay off of fecebook. it is the antithesis of privacy.

that said, i think this guy is a scumbag. sinking whaling boats. if only he could have been shot by the whalers. this dude's out there fucking with people's livelihoods. he was working for the same scumbags on the atrocious 'whale wars' tv show.

and i've been there on probation where you're not allowed to have contact with certain people for the duration of your sentence. that's just the way it is. so i shed no tears for this asshat.


still, the warning is clear - do not use fecebook.