AOptix Technologies
Inc, a developer of iris biometric products, announced today that, together with Aware Inc (NASDAQ: AWRE | PowerRating), it will be demonstrating a prototype dual-factor iris and face biometrics system at the Biometrics Consortium Conference and Technology Expo which takes place in Tampa between 21 September and 23 September.

The company said that the prototype integrates its InSight 2 meter iris recognition system with AwareaEUR(TM)s Universal Registration Client (URC) and an industry standard face imaging camera. The combined system provides a user interface for automated enrolment of iris and face images and can also capture fingerprint biometrics and biographic information.

The InSight system
can capture iris biometric data at a nominal stand-off distance of 2 m, with the face and iris imaging and quality scoring occurring simultaneously, according to the company. The time taken to complete the automated capture sequence of both irises and the face is around four or five seconds normally.

AOptix believes that there will be a strong demand for combined biometrics solutions across many application and it has seen strong interest within the biometrics community for a single product combining both face and iris recognition.

No details of when the system will be available generally were disclosed.