Apple Patent Outlines a System To Track Users
Apple has filed for a patent to track unauthorized users of an iPhone. But the system could also be used to track authorized iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. Apple's patent application attracted the most attention for a provision that would alert Apple to jailbreaking. With mobile devices collecting user information, privacy is a concern.
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Preorder the AR.Drone now and spy on your neighbors
It’s like having your own personal Predator that you control remotely by titling your iPhone. Parrot’s awesomely cool quadricopter was a big hit with the media at this year’s CES and judging by the amount of press it has gotten so far, it should strike a chord with consumers as well.

Google Android's Dirty Little Secret
...the consequence of not putting any walls around your product is that both the good guys and the bad guys can do anything they want with it. And for Android, that means that it’s being manipulated, modified, and maimed by companies that care more about preserving their old business models than empowering people with the next great wave of computing devices.