Tuesday, December 26, 2006

If one googles the phrase, "Function Creep" (in quotes), 44,500 results are displayed. If the phrase, "Functionality Creep" is googled, 2110 results come up. You do the math.

So how is that functioncreep.com - this very website - has been disappeared from the search engine Google? We're number 2 over at Yahoo, and we used to rank 4th at Google. What changed, you may ask?

Let's go back to the beginning.

A few months ago, we here at functioncreep noticed that the function creep wikipedia page had been redirected to another page called Functionality Creep. What difference does it make, you may ask yourself? Function versus functionality? At first, we thought the same thing. But slowly, over time, it became apparent that the person behind this campaign was pursuing a much more sinister path: the total and complete usurpation of the phrase "function creep"!

This person, who goes by the name, Kreepy Krawly, on Wikipedia, not only managed to take control of the function creep entry on Wikipedia, but also got functioncreep.com de-listed from Google - twice!

Talk about identity theft!

To top it off, KK even managed to "out" our identity in the Talk section of "his page".

The abuses are obvious. The motivation less so.

While we may never know if Kreepy Krawly is a government agent, one thing cannot be denied: his actions are nothing short of despicable.

But maybe it's something less glamorous... maybe he's doing it for the money:

Kreepy Krawly said...
"Well ... You'd be arrogant too if someone tried to usurp your golden goose..."
2:18 PM

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