Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The antiquated metal detectors installed by some schools post-Columbine to screen for weapons will be replaced by full body scanners – because we have to keep a safe environment for all kids. After passing through the body scanner, the student’s’ RFID tag will register them as “in school” and track their location throughout the day so that the district can get all of its attendance-related funds from the state.

The students will no longer need cash or a student ID for lunch. To pay, they will gaze into a biometric eye reader, the schools long having realized that grubby fingers and childhood cuts were defeating the fingerprint system they had lauded a few years back. Their lunch selections are automatically recorded and sent to the district so that parents can be contacted if the child isn’t eating what the state or district officials think they should be eating.

The bell rings at the end of the day and the tag sends a signal as they leave the building. Another sensor picks up when they board the bus to go home.

As they walk in the door, they stand in front of a web cam so their parent can ask them from work, “And how was your day, dear?”...