The use of cards, pins and passwords (CPPs) for physical entry as well as to protect organisations’ confidential information technology (IT) data against theft and fraud is becoming increasingly insecure, SuperVision Biometric Systems marketing head Mark Eardley says.

He argues that, in some instances, passwords are being used as “passports” for criminals to defraud an organisation, with the biggest threats coming from inside organisations. Global professional services firm Pricewater- houseCooper’s 2009 ‘Global Economic Crime Survey’ said that 62% of economic crime in South African businesses was committed by insiders.

Companies could reduce this risk, Eardley argues, by deploying biometrics solutions, which are methods of identifying individuals through one or more physical characteristics or behavioural traits. Because the company is able to trace every action of every employee in the company, should any criminal or unusual action take place, those involved would be identified through fingerprint records and stored information...